Thursday, June 29, 2006

Major Set Back for 'Dreamer' in Golden Gate Park

This just in from BRAF's Executive Director: Leslie Pritchett.....

It is with real sadness that I report that the temporary exhibition of Pepe Ozan's 'Dreamer' in golden Gate Park must be postponed for the foreseeable future.

We've been working for more than a year to bring this installation to San Francisco. The piece was stored after it's initial exhibition at Burning Man 2005 outside of Reno.The piece was stored outside in its component pieces. Initial visual inspection lead all to believe that the piece was in fine shape for this installation, and that it would require only the expected amount of work to re-seam and paint it after it was assembled. It was only after the sculpture was trucked from Reno and unloaded at the installation site in Golden Gate Park that it became apparent that the integrity of the underlying material used to surface the wire-frame shell of the sculpture was markedly compromised. The piece will require extensive resurfacing and repair in order for it to be in an appropriate condition for exhibition.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation does not currently have funding resources that would allow us to support Pepe's repair efforts, and so must put the installation project on indefinite hold.

Thank you all for your continuing support for this and other BRAF projects.


At present, there are no new updates on the future of this installation. The piece(s) will be removed from the installation site today :(

ScrapEden, Black Rock City -- a project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation

Scrap: n. Discarded waste material, often metal suitable for reprocessing.
Eden: n. A delightful place, a garden, a paradise.

Scrap Eden: n.
1. A delightful garden made of re-claimed discarded waste material, often metal suitable for reprocessing.
2. Black Rock City’s First Participant-Based Community Garden, created by the community for the community
3. A project of the Black Rock Arts Foundation

This year the Black Rock Arts Foundation is creating a collaborative garden installation populated by garden-inspired sculptural elements created from re-claimed, re-purposed and re-cycled materials, and all citizens of BRC are invited to participate! Yes! You are an artist!

The idea formed this year in San Francisco when the Foundation began looking at what it could do, using interactive art as the medium, to promote a culture of re-use and re-cycling. And while this installation will take place at Burning Man 2006 we hope it will serve as a pilot project for sprouting gardens first in BRC, then SF, and eventually, nationwide. Our hope is that this prototype garden at Burning Man 2006 will not only demonstrate to the citizens of BRC the kinds of projects we support in the default world, and prove a beautiful interactive collaborative art installation at this years event!
Help make it happen!

This year, the Black Rock Arts Foundation is inviting Burning Man citizens to create sculptures of garden-inspired flora and fauna from re-claimed, re-cycled and re-purposed INORGANIC materials for a collective installation on the open playa. We’ll provide a centrally located garden shed (built from re-claimed materials) as a focal point around which participants will be able to “plant”, or install, individual (or communal) creations for collective exhibition.

What you can do:
1) Contact for starters. Let us know you want to participate! Tell us what you are planning to create for collective installation. We’ll get back in touch with you and send along some more of the pertinent details. A short questionnaire will help us capture a few things we need to know, such as: the approximate height and footprint of the piece, estimated arrival date, and a rough idea of the installation plan, Ex: rebar stakes!
2) Create an original flora or fauna garden-inspired sculpture, from sunflower to bean sprout, earthworm to caterpillar, garden gnome to toad, out of re-cycled, re-claimed, or re-purposed materials. These materials must be INORGANIC and their construction must be able to withstand desert conditions (extreme, heat, cold, and wind up to 50 mph) without becoming matter out of place.
3) Send us pictures of your work-in-progress, however great or small, and we’ll post ‘em on the web for the whole world to see!!
4) Questions about the above process can be sent to the same address:

The garden shed will be open from 10 am – 6 pm daily and will have personnel and/or gnomes on hand to help with placement and installation of all Scrap Eden pieces.

Everyone who participates will receive an original design Scrap Eden t-shirt by Dicky of Burning Man 2005 Dicky Box Fame!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A 'Dreamer' in Golden Gate Park

Yes, a our purple friend is coming to roost. The above is a digital mock-up of Pepe Ozan's, 'Dreamer', in Golden Gate Park. The actual installation will be slightly closer to the road, the head a more face-forward orientation.

Pepe Ozan's, 'Dreamer', originally created for Burning Man 2005, will soon be installed for a 6 month temporary exhibition in Golden Gate Park. The 'Giant Purple Head', as it is known in several circles, made the long haul down from Reno, NV, just yesterday, will be refurbished over the course of this week, with installation expected to be complete before the weekend.

This is not Pepe's first installation in San Francisco. 'Invocation', a public sculpture by Pepe Ozan, assisted by Morgan Raimond, sits at the little park on Cesar Chavez St., between Vermont St. and the 101 North entry ramp. The piece is representative of an Eagle-Warrior. Aztec eagle warriors were, like the jaguar warriors, members of nobility. Their elaborate costumes were worn as a testament to the wearer's strength and importance in Aztec society.
Images of 'Invocation' can be viewed here:

Originally funded for Burning Man 2006, Pepe's, 'Monicacos de Esperanza', have recently been installed at India Basin Shoreline Park as a part of the new BlueGreenway Public Art Trail Pedestrian and Bicycle path that spans the 13 mile stretch between SBC and Candle Stick Parks. More information on the Public Art Trail available here:

A long time contributor to the Burning Man event, Pepe was born in Argentina and came to San Francisco in 1975. More information on this subject is available at :

The 'Dreamer' will occupy a space across from the De Young, just west of the Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park along JFK Drive between the 10th Avenue and Park Presidio entrances. An opening dedication for 'our purple friend' is in the works, with particulars coming your way soon.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Imagine the Way! There is Hope!

And this hope may be most effectively embodied in Pepe Ozan's 'Monicacos de Esperanza'. These ever-playful "Rag Puppets of Hope" have made their way down to San Francisco's India Basin Shoreline Park as a part of the new Blue Greenway -- a 13 mile greenway/waterway network along SF's southern waterfront between China Basin and Candlestick Park. Three pilot sites along the way incorporate temporary public art into this new pedestrian and bicycle path put forward by the Liveable City Initiative and the Neighborhood Parks Council.

In developing the new Blue Greenway the Neighborhood Parks Council put out a call for proposals for three sites along the route. The Black Rock Arts Foundation applied in support of three projects, one of which, the 'Monicacos de Esperanza', was chosen for temporary installation. These pieces were originally the recipient of an honorarium from the Burning Man Project, and will be exhibited on the playa at the 2006 event!

A celebration of the launch of the Blue Greenway Public Art Trail will take place this Saturday, June 24th from 11 am - 4 pm.

This free event features an (again, free) community BBQ sponsored by NorCal & the Bayview Rotary Club, music, dance, and circus performances by local artists, SFFD Fire Boat water display, free kayak and birding tours, as well as appearances by member of the SF 49ers & the Goldrush Cheerleaders!

For more information call 415.621.3260, or visit

Monday, June 19, 2006

'Passage' Opening Dedication

June 16th marked the opening dedication of both Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito's sculpture, 'Passage', and the newly rennovated breakwater which is now a public access pier -- Pier 14 allows residents and visitors to San Francisco to walk some 637 feet out into the bay for 360 degrees of stunning views. Without the hard work, bood, sweat, and heart of everyone involved this installation could not have happened. Thanks to all! And congratulations to Dan and Karen, who celebrate both their first wedding anniversary and the first birthday of 'Passage' this weekend!

When 'Passage' was originally installed at Burning Man 2005, Event Founder, Larry Harvey, asked Artist, Dan Das Mann, why the mother and child sculptures were pointed toward the open playa and decidedly away from 'the Man', the effigy which is the namesake of the event. To which Dan replied that the sculptures were leaving Black Rock City, heading out to live their lives in the great big world beyond.

On June 16th the mother and child duo arrived, as if from the sea, on the San Francisco Waterfront!

To mark this momentous occasion, an SF fire boat, like a jubiliant whale, spouts water....

as residents and visitors to San Francisco take the first pubic walk on the newly dedicated Pier 14!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

'Passage' Installation, Act Two

A crew of incredibly dedicated volunteers has been working (literally) day and night to complete the installation of 'Passage' on the SF Waterfront at Mission & Embarcadero. A huge thanks to the cast and crew who have made this feat possible!

Welders Phil and Steve, working on the base of the child figure.

Artist Karen Cusolito and key play Steve 23 consult over the mother's foot.

Rockstar Carpenters Monkey Boy and Brandon knock out the plinth base.

Work is still underway, but a familliar contour is starting to take shape.

The sculpture will open in conjunction with new public access pier (Pier 14) THIS FRIDAY, June 16th, on where Mission St. meets Embarcadero! An 11 a.m. Press Event (open to the public) will inaugurate the site and dedicate the new pier, a former breakwater. At 6 p.m. a Community Dedication with the artists will be followed by a No-Host Bar Reception at nearby Sinbad's. Pirate attire is, of course, optional!

YAAAR! See you there!

Friday, June 09, 2006

'Passage' Installation, Act One

The installation of 'Passage' has begun on the San Francisco Waterfront -- Embarcadero at Pier 14

Passage Site

Mother Figure

Artists Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito
gaining some perspective as one of the Mother's arms is attached.

Mother's arm deftly attached by core crew member Steve 23!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Passage' prepares for Installation

That's right! Dan das Mann and Karen Cusolito's monolithic mother and child sculpture, originally created for last year's Burning Man event, 'Passage', has arrived in the East Bay where it is being re-furbished in preparation for temporary six month installation on the San Francisco Waterfront. The exhibition is part of a continuing model put forth by the Black Rock Arts Foundation to install temporary artworks throughout the city. The model hinged on the success of the the temple built last June in Hayes Green by David Best and the Temple Crew, and continued with an initative to bring five works of art originally created for, and debuted at, the Burning Man event between 2001 and 2005.

'Passage' will be installed on the Embarcadero (at Mission) during the second and third weeks of June. The piece will open in concert with the the opening of Pier 14, an old breakwater that has been transformed into a public access pier, on June 16th!

Join us at 6:00 p.m. for a public dedication before we walk over to Sinbad's for a no host reception from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm to celebrate!

Pictured here is the headless child being prepared by Goat Man Dan for installation.