Thursday, November 26, 2009

ARTumnal Gathering

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Mark Morford and Pilar Woodman

ARTumnal Gathering "Pilar Woodman"

Lightning, Amber & Chris Bently (a special thanks for the Bently's generosity is donating the use of the wonderful Bently Reserve for the ARTumnal Gathering)

Feast of Imagination Pendants created by JennyBird Alcantara

Feast of Imagination dinner

photos: Pilar Woodman
To see a lot more of Pilar’s ARTumnal photos check out

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rouge la Belle

Rouge la Belle
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ARTumnal Gathering 2009

ARTumnal Gathering 2009

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at the fabulous Bently Reserve

ARTumnal Gathering 2009

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Freddy Hahne, President of the BRAF Board of Directors

BRAF Artumnal 2009

BRAF Artumnal
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ARTumanal Gathering 2009

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Shrine painting live at Artumnal Gathering

ARTumnal Gathering "video"

Check out this fabulous video about the ARTumnal and the Black Rock Arts Foundation:

Untitled from rajeshwari on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ARTumnal Gathering Photos #3

David Best, BRAF Board Member and Harley Dubois, founding member of the Burning Man board and the Black Rock Arts Foundation, raising money for the Black Rock Arts Foundation
photos: D'Milo aka deemiloh

photos: Robin Russell Ford

affinity, your BRAF blogger
Exact Lee aka Joe Olivier, BRAF Board Member

Troubador aka Flaming Tuba Guy aka David Silverman, BRAF Advisory Board Member, with one of the Trees
photos: Timothy Foster

ARTumnal Gathering "The Blight"

These were each so beautiful it was difficult to choose!

Monday, November 23, 2009

ARTumnal Gathering Photos #1

The Black Rock Arts Foundation created the grandest annual celebration of our ommunity's vital spirit and extraordinary artists. We gathered in the majestic Bently Reserve to revel in support of BRAF's mission to inspire art, community and civic participation worldwide.

It was an enchanted world of abundant art, captivating entertainment, participatory interactive art experiences created by community visionaries and tempting libations.

Over the next week we will be bringing you a variety of photographers, from mobile uploads to professional photographers, with a link to more of their photos. So keep checking back, the next photo could be of you.

Mara Jeffress and Rachel Carpenter, BRAF Board Member
Laura Kimpton, obviously having a great time
Chris Paine, Brian Herman, Melissa Alexander and Dr. Deb (both BRAF Advisory Board Members)
Photos: Rachel Carpenter

Rachel Carpenter’s Facebook ARTumnal Photos

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ARTumnal Update: Tickets Selling Fast

Here’s an update on the ARTumnal -- quickly coming together as the event of the year.

New performers, artists, DJs, fashion designers, and other creatives are joining in every day. Alchemy is curating astonishing interactive artwork. Shrine’s central installation will be unlike anything the Great Banking Hall of the Bently Reserve has ever seen. Live painting by Android Jones. Live bands, individual performers and top DJs will keep you enthralled until way too late in the evening.

Check out the BRAF ARTumnal Site for more information

Dinner tickets will SELL OUT in the next couple days. If you’ve been thinking about attending the dinner, get that ticket today. Tickets for the main event are also selling fast. Although we have more room than last year, we still have limited capacity. We’ve kept the price low because we want you all there.

photos from the ARTumnal 2008
More photos from the ARTumnal 2008
And even more photos from the ARTumnal 2008


Auction Items:

We can’t wait to see you there!

Artwork by Cory and Catska Ench

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Carmel Dunlap, BRAF Advisory Board Member and Tomas McCabe BRAF Executive Director, Burning Man 2009

Carmel Dunlap is the youngest member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation Advisory Board. She is an innovative, creative activist. In 2008 Carmel and Ayeen Telopa organized TRASH to TREASURES, a recycled fashion show featuring clothes they created. They raised hundreds of dollars for the Rock Papers Scissors Collective in Oakland. For their creativity and effectiveness, Carmel & Ayeen received the Innovation Award for 2008.

This summer Carmel went to South America, interning with an environmental group in Quito that is involved in representing indigenous people in the Amazon. This is what Derek Sabori, the Volcom V.Co-Logical Society, Environmental Affairs Division, General Manager had to say about Carmel.

Carmel was a Ambassador for us last summer - Traveling, experiencing, learning and sharing. Carmel is in her last year of high school and sets the standard for youth activists, getting out there, getting involved and doing something about it. Check out Carmel’s blog and get inspired. Share this with as many youngsters as possible; we need more Carmel’s out there...
photo: affinity

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Grant Applications Now Being Accepted!

Cardboardia one of our 2009 Grantees!

Artists! The Black Rock Arts Foundation is now accepting grant applications for community-based, interactive art projects around the world. Apply now!

Our grant recipients represent a range of ideas and interactions worth celebrating. Some of our grantees set out to create highly interactive, publicly engaging work in the spirit of the art experienced at Burning Man. Others extend existing collective art projects, continuing the momentum and reach of their works. Others still employ a valuable connection with the emerging Burning Man Regional Network, expanding our geographic reach, while nurturing individual artists' capacity to create works in and with their own local communities. Seed and challenge grants given in this cycle help artists obtain further support.