Friday, January 22, 2010

News about Global Lives!

One of our 2008 Grant Recipients Global Lives is up to exciting things.

Last week they had a São Paulo screening of the Global Lives videos that went wonderfully and got some Press.

And in February the Global Lives Project's World Premiere installation will be on view at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts from February 26 - June 20, 2010! The exhibit is part of an artist residency that will evolve over four months. They will be showing, for the first time ever, their series of ten 24-hour videos of daily life from around the planet.

And if you are in San Francisco, don't miss the opening night celebration February 26! A special event which will include a large-scale installation, great music by DJs Kid Kameleon, Tinker and Chief Boima, drinks, dancing, and an opportunity to meet the Global Lives producers and directors who created the work. RSVP


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eat Your heART Out, and Feed Your Soul!

Please come and join us at "Eat Your heArt Out"!

February 14, 2010
A Valentine's Day brunch benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation and Art
Lovers Everywhere!
supperclub sf 657 Harrison Street
11am to 3pm
All-ages; everyone is welcome!

$75 Adult ticket for meal only with cash bar (no reserved seating)
$25 Children between 5 and 11 years old (brunch only);
Kids under 5free!
$150 VIP tickets (includes reserved vip seating in your name and bottomless mimosas/marys served at your bed)
$100 Regular tickets (includes brunch buffet and bottomless mimosas/marys at the bar; no reserved seating--beds available uponfirst arrival)


Treat yourself and those you love to a sumptuous Valentine's Day brunch in bed, including fresh fruit salad, interactive omelet and sweet/savory crepe station, croissants, artisan breads, jam and marmalade, cold cuts, fresh brewed coffee station by Ritual CoffeeRoasters, and LOVEly surprises. Wear your jammies or dress to the nines, we have had other events at the Supperclub and we have had a great time so join us and enjoy interactive art, luxurious DJ sets, soaring aerial artistry, music by Diva Marisa Lenhardt, and appearances by Bad Unkl Sista, Cupid himself and more!

All proceeds help bring interactive art topublic places across the globe. So, go ahead! Eat your heART out!...and feed your soul!

artwork: jennybird
photos: CameraGirl

Cardboardia Evolves

Hopefully you have been following our coverage of Cardboardia, one of our 2009 Grantees. They build and inhabit temporary towns made out of cardboard. In the summer of 2009 they inhabited 'towns' in Moscow, Russian, Finland and Germany.

Recently they exhibited at the Darvinovskii Museum. I love the sophistication of the wooley mammoths and dinosaurs and Cardboardia gives a special thanks to Tarina and Victorii who helped create them.

To read more about Cardboardia in english!

photos: paperking
Translator: Bex

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Das Mann of Steel" in the News

I am sure you remember Passage, by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito, which inhabited Pier 14 as the first piece of temporary art in that space, as part of BRAF's Civic Arts Program.

Dan, one of the sculptors is featured in the East Bay Express, check it out, Das Mann of Steel.

Congratulations Dan, it is always great to see art featured in the news!

Be sure and read Dan's response to the article, in the comments section of the article, in which he credits his co-sculptor Karen Cusolito.

photo: Scott Beale\Laughing Squid Laughing Squid

Ni Hao (Hello) to Sanlun Yishu

We have wanted to say a few words about the progress on the Sanlun Yishu Grants to Artists, mobile, interactive installation in Beijing. You may remember them, we told you about them last year here.

Sanlun Yishu, the vehicle, is:

三san (three) 轮lun (wheel) 车che (vehicle) – a versatile, cheap and compact tricycle made from modified motorcycles or bicycles. Small yet mighty, the workhorse of Beijing moves everything from lumber to passengers. Often employed as a low-budget, local taxi.

Sanlun Yishu, the art gallery is:

三san (three) 轮lun (wheel) 艺术yishu (art) – a mobile gallery, a custom-made sanlun che housing an exhibition of print, drawing, sound, and video selected specifically for this context. The primary function is to facilitate personal interaction with art for an audience outside the scope of the traditional gallery.

The sanlunche is one of the most popular ways of getting around the city. Sanlun Yishu, retrofitted the standard sanlunche, and turned it into a mobile gallery. The gallery housed artworks from people around the globe working in various media and carried them into the stream of daily transportation.

Sanlun Yishu is an artist-run, collaborative project based in Beijing, China. For this project they assembled a collection of artwork from all over the world to be exhibited in and distributed by a mobile gallery, Sanlun Yishu, in various parts of Beijing.

The mission is to provide contemporary artists a venue outside the traditional gallery to exhibit their work while giving people who likely have little or no exposure to art with an unobtrusive, positive and interactive art experience.

In the artist's report to the Black Rock Arts Foundation this was my favorite paragraph:

We have been very well received by our passengers: who doesn’t like a free ride? We often encounter shyness or reluctance to comment on the art from passengers who say, “I don’t understand art”, or “it’s really cool, but I wouldn’t know what to say about it”. Not everyone wants to take a print or DVD with them or leaves something in the drop box. In fact, many people never get in and take a ride, but peek and chat from a safe distance.

However, Sanlun Yishu is received by smiles and excited chatter everywhere it goes. One of the biggest thrills of the project has been the level of curiosity, willingness to ask questions and chat about the project.

Overall, the engagement with the project has surpassed our initial expectations. The most rewarding footage captured by our on-board cameras has been from the passenger compartment. It is always a treat to discover the faces when wading through the video files. This is especially true when viewing footage from days when we were not driving the vehicle – we get to meet our passengers and get a glimpse of their interaction with our project.