Monday, August 18, 2008

Come Visit Us on Everywhere Lane!

So we are camping at Burning Man with our buddies this year on Everywhere Lane. Come on over to visit us in our American Dream backyard. We'll lounge in the shade, sip lemonade and conspire to bring interactive art to communities beyond the playa! Any day from 10 to 6, you can create new or play with the flags that we have created that have a single word on them. Rearrange the words to create sentences, create and leave a new word or take a word that speaks to you as a gift.

We hope the visual effect will be a poetic combination of clotheslines, prayer flags and quilts, with a dash of magnetic poetry.

And on your way out stop by and visit our Everywhere Lane neighbors, Burners without Borders, Black Rock Solar and the Regional Network Center.

In addition, we are having an "On-Playa BRAF Reception" and we would love to have you stop by. If you’ll attending Burning Man 2008: The American Dream, be sure to join us for annual Black Rock Arts Foundation Meet and Greet Cocktail party on the playa!

Enjoy libations and mingle with BRAF Board Members, Grant Recipients, Artists and our fabulous community of lively supporters. Come celebrate all that we do together!

Thursday, August 28, 2008,
BRAF Camp - 11:00 and Wheel on the Esplanade
Black Rock City, NV

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Homouroboros Video

I just came across a new video of Homouroboros, you remember, THOSE monkeys in San Jose, and I thought you might enjoy it. I love the beginning where the kids (big and little) are obviously loving drumming...

video Brett Stalbaum

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Detroit Temple - World Hoop Day

In our continuing saga of of documenting what community events are happening at the Detroit Dream Project. Check out the video to see how the Temple is being a base for the neighborhood!

I give you Faith's report on World Hoop Day:

Blight Buster showed up to help set up and and then our first round of kids were just walking by and we hooked them in and they stayed for about 2 hours (and finally won a hoop!!).

Peachy and Doxie who took flyers into the neighborhood to attract kids. I think kids going home with hoops brought more back to us. The fire department showed up (just in time for fire hooping) And started hooping with us! They read about it in the Livonia paper!! And they want to be involved next year. They are clowns on their off time!! How awesome is that!We gave away 15 custom made hoops!!!! The kids were so excited!! I haven't counted out how many small hoops we gave away, but there were quite a few.

And there are already plans in the works for next year.

And Doxie's Report:

So another year of World Hoop Day has was 8.8.8 if you did not year it will be 9.9.9 and yes last year it was 7.7.7!!it was a great day for hooping..even if the wind tried to blow Evol away!!

We gave away a ton of kid hoops and 15 custom built ones were raffled off to kids and adults! and the kids picked it up SO quick!! we pulled in kids from all over the hood....and yes now peach knows just how crazy I am ..though i like to think of it as determined ..cuz we cruised the hoods in my little red convertible and i went up to peoples houses where i saw kids outside and was giving away fliers!! and it WORKED!! ...

Revolva was in from Portland to perform..Micha came in with her huge crew ( i love that woman) Faith did her awesome fire hooping !! with the Detroit Fire Department watching and their jaws agape! They showed up with a rig and got out and played!! One of them is a Detroit Fire Department Clown crew and wants to be involved next year...we even got the three other fire fighters to was a blast!!

video Revolva

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Mangrove Opening Reception

The Mangrove Opening Reception is going to be shortly after the Burning Man Festival closes, so mark your calendars now so you do not miss it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008,
Sierra Arts Foundation Gallery17 S. Virginia Street
Reno, NV

Join us for a celebration of our first interactive art installation in Nevada.

The Mangrove is part of our Civic Arts Program, and is a collection of tree sculptures, each by a different artist.

The works will grace the bank of the Truckee River in downtown Reno, Nevada, on the corner of Sierra Street and Island Avenue. This currently empty lot transforms into an interactive art grove September 6, 2008, and remains on display, free to the public, until December 13, 2008.

BRAF extends our sincerest thanks to the The Freight House District, LLC,
the City of Reno, United Rentals, Fernley Electric and Peppermill Hotel Casino Reno and the Sierra Arts Foundation for their support of this project.

First exhibited at Burning Man 2007, The Mangrove is an eclectic collection of artworks sculpted by five different artist collectives. Each work offers a different lesson, rendered with exquisite craft and detail, in how discarded materials can be reused to create beauty out of 'trash'.

postcard design Maria Partridge

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meet-Our-Grantees Global Lives Project

I'll let one of our 2007 Grants-to-Artists matching grant recipients, tell you about their project in their own words.

The Global Lives Project is a collaborative effort of volunteers from around the world to build a video library of human life experience. Our content consists of uninterrupted 24-hour recordings of daily life of individuals selected to represent the diversity of human life on the planet. In collaboration with museums, universities and independent filmmakers in numerous countries, we are working to present this library as both a series of physical video installations and a free and interactive online video collection. We have already conducted recordings in Brazil, Malawi, Japan and the US, and plan an additional 6 shoots in 2008 and 2009.

The installation at the iCommons Summit in Sapporo, Japan featured 24 hours in the life of James Bullock, a cable car driver in San Francisco; Edith Kapuka, a junior high school student in rural Malawi, Rael Feliciano, a hip hop singer in Brazil; and Rumi Nagashima, a university student in Tokyo.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Welcome Kolios

Koilos by Michael Christian is being displayed by the Hayes Valley Art Coaltion on the Hayes Street Green, now known as "Patricia's Green".

In 2005, when the Green was dedicated, the San Francisco Art Commission asked the Black Rock Arts Foundation for its support in helping David Best and his crew build a temporary installation in the spirit of the Temples they had been building at Burning Man for several years, the Hayes Street Green Temple. Since then several temporary pieces of art have graced Patricia's Green. I think Kolios looks fabulous here!

In addition there have been several other temporary art installations on Patricia's Green:

In addition, as part of the Black Rock Arts Foundation Civic Arts Program, Michael Christian displayed his sculpture Flock in front of City Hall in San Francisco.

So welcome Kolios to San Francisco, we love to see gorgeous pubic, temporary art gracing our city.

photo: Michael Strickland

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Detroit Dream Project Welcomes Arise Detroit!

I have another opportunity to give you an update on how the Detroit Dream Project, Temple of the American Dream is benefiting the community. As you know, we have already had a dedication party, a wedding, a fashion shoot, and live music, and World Hoop Day coming on August 8th, and now the Temple was part of Arise Detroit!

But it is more fun if I let Simmer, one of the volunteers and supporters of the Temple tell you about it herself:

So we're coming back from dinner and Kathleen says "let's swing by the temple and see how the space is doing?" We drive up to see the parking lot full of cars and people around - Derrick is at the entrance with a serious face kind of waving us toward some other event in the neighborhood, christian revival or somethin' and I roll down the window and tell him "Just wanted to see how the temple is doing". His face lights up like the greeter at the emerald city when Dorthy says the right words. Waves us into the near full lot to park. We then see a drum choir with dancers performing under the temple with a bunch of folks in chairs sitting/whooping/ and in general enjoying the performance. It was the dream come full circle and it made me proud of the tenacity some people had in making this happen. We did something truly good.

So what, you may ask is Arise Detroit, from the Arise Detroit! website:

ARISE is the acronym for Activating Resources and Inspiring Service and Empowerment. It is a way to link together the hundreds of programs and agencies working on child and family issues anti-violence, parenting, illiteracy, education, drug, neighborhood development, youth mentoring, etc. — to produce more resources, more volunteers and more help for the people who need it. ARISE will create a massive community wide movement, supported by people, non-profit groups, the media and individuals, to offer hope and let people know that they can play a personal role in improving their communities. Detroit has had years and years of individual programs and campaigns. And they have produced individual results. What is desperately needed now is an ongoing Hurricane Katrina-like rescue relief effort to address the chronic social ills that plague our community violence, illiteracy, poor parenting, misdirected youth, inferior education and many others. The resources are here to do a much more productive job of solving these problems but we must be united to do it!

To read more about the Detroit Dream Project!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

One more evening of making art together before the Playa

Cozy in the Burning Man office, come put a few flags together and hangout with other Burners, with a few snacks and tea.

We will be making more 'flags' for our installation this Tueday. We will provide the supplies, snacks and fun.

Come Join us!

For more information about our ScrapEden on the Playa Project.
Tuesday August 5th, 2008 6:00-10:00pm
1900 3rd Street
San Francisco, Ca 94158

Please email to let us know if your coming (so we can have enough snacks and materials). Thanks for participating.
See you on there!