Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet the Grantmakers

We are excited to tell you that our very own Josie Schimke, Program and Development Assistant at the Black Rock Arts Foundation was a panelist last Monday at Meet the Grantmakers: Funding Opportunities for Individual Artists at the Foundation Center.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leo Villareal at the San Jose Museum of Art

The Black Rock Arts Foundation Advisory Board Member and Burning Man artist Leo Villareal has a show at the San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California until January 9, 2011.

If you like lights and art, and who doesn't, the show is really a treat.

SF Gate Review of this Exhibition

You may have seen his amazing light sculpture at the National Gallery, Multiverse.

Multiverse, the largest and most complex light sculpture created by American artist Leo Villareal, may be seen and experienced by visitors as they pass through the Concourse walkway between the East and West Buildings of the National Gallery of Art.

Video: geekgestalt
Photo: Jack Tse
Photo: David Imlay

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Duel Nature by Kate Raudenbush

Just wanted to share this fabulous photo of Duel Nature in Reno on the Riverwalk. Stop by and check it out!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Composting Contraption at SF Decompression Sunday

The Composting Contraption will be at San Francisco Decompression this Sunday, we hope you will stop by and see how it works, we promise you will have fun!

The Black Rock Arts Foundation in partnership with San Francisco Department of the Environment have developed the Composting Contraption. This human-powered, interactive, kinetic artwork is designed to travel to local festivals, street fairs, farmers markets and schools to inspire, motivate and educate San Francisco residents to increase their practice of composting, and it has really been in the streets in the last few weeks.

The Contraption has been out and about. It was at Power to the Peaceful (where these wonderful photos were taken, can't you just tell that the kids loved that they got to make it work), then it stopped by the new Mission Community Market and then San Francisco Sunday Streets. Just this week the Contraption spent some time at the Castro Farmers Market.

As you can see from the photos, these visits are a chance for the adults and children alike to interact with the Composting Contraption and talk about how composting works from a scientific, practical and environmental point of view, and it is fun to ride the bike and make the Contraption make our food scraps and compostable materials move a little closer to being mulch for our gardens.

The Composting Contraption will be at the Black Rock Arts Foundation booth at Decompression this Sunday, we hope you will stop by and check us out and take a ride on the Composting Contraption.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Our Presence on the Playa!

This is when we knew we were ready for your visit!
Y'all made signs representing where you were from.

One of our continent inspired tables, representing all of the places you are, right now.

That is one of our Board Members, Dicky Davies, painting the bar.

Getting ready for your arrival!

We hope you had a chance to stop by and visit us at District Everywhere at Burning Man this year. We had a great time meeting you or seeing you again if you dropped by, but we have been missing you and missing the Playa so we thought we would share a few of our favorite photos just to remind us what a fabulous time we had this year.

We hope you are having a great time out there during the other 51 weeks of the year and just know that we are out there with you supporting and promoting community, interactive art and civic participation.

photos: James Addison aka Extramatic