Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

More to come about "Operation Restore Defenestration" this space...

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My feet, her toes

My feet, her toes
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I know I said I was not going to post any more flickr photos of Ecstasy, but I just could not resist the magnitude and yet intimacy of this photo.

Thanks aziari.

Oh my aching back

Oh my aching back
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Ok, just one more since it is an installation photo, and we love installation photos, but then no more Ecstasy photos until the Opening Reception on March 19th.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art in Patricia's Green

Art in Patricia's Green
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We continue to see photos on flickr of "Ecstasy". Obviously the neighborhood is loving it. Don't forget to come out for the opening on March 19th
Octavia and Hayes
4 - 7 pm

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Date for "Ecstasy" Opening Reception

March 19, 2010
Patricia’s Green
at Octavia and Hayes Streets
San Francisco, CA
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, we have changed the date due to possible rain.

photo: Michael Strickland

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ecstasy at Patricia's Green

I love that we are getting such great shots of Ecstasy from flicker. That means that the public is out there enjoying this work.


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"Eat Your heArt Out" Photos #2

more of our wonderful entertainment
photo: John Curley
posing with the Defenestration sign (we will tell you more about that soon)
In the craft room photo: Tom Price
In the craft room making Valentine Day Presents photo: Arin Fishkin

We had a great time at the supperclub sf celebrating Art and Love on Valentine's Day, to see more photos Click Here.

And check out Nick Morgan's Video of Bo & Sparrow:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Global Lives comes to San Francisco

BRAF is supporting The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presentation of the Global Lives Project, a 2007 grant recipient, an innovative video installation representing global diversity.

Working with acclaimed filmmakers, artists and designers, *Global Lives* assembles the realities of everyday life from Lebanon, Serbia, China, India, Japan, Malawi, Indonesia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and San Francisco into an installation by architectural and design visionaries of Sand Studios and Forum.

The opening celebration:

February 26, at YBCA, 7:30-11:30 pm,
(3rd and Howard Streets, San Francisco).

You must RSVP for this free event!

We will be there and hope you will be too!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

1:AM Gallery Shout-Out

Thanks to 1:AM Gallery for the shout-out about what BRAF does and that we are a fiscal sponsor for the project (and 1:AM's next art exhibition opening March 5th) titled “Operation Restore Defenestration“.

Watch this space for more information about that opening and project here...
photo: unknown

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eat Your heART Out - Photos #1

Diva Marisa Lenhardt raises her beautiful voice for our enjoyment

Jared. Ellen and Aaron

MonkeyBoy and Exact Lee
Actiongrl and Juniper
"the boys" Exact Lee, BRAF Board Member, Paul Buchheit, David Silverman and Chad Lester

LadyBee and Marcia Crosby
Rae Richman, VP Board of Directors and Tomas McCabe, our Executive Director

There are a lot of fun photos out there to share with you, and here are just a few for you to peruse. Lot's more coming this weekend, watch this space....

Click here to see photos from the PhotoBoof

photos: Timothy Larson and Affinity

Valentine's Day Ecstasy on Patricia's Green

Read what my favorite blogger, Civic Center, fabulous photographer and Hayes Valley Neighborhood pundit had to say about Ecstasy on Valentine's Day. I especially loved that he mentioned that David Best's Temple on Patricia's Green was his first blog post, so check out Valentine's Day Ecstasy on Patricia's Green, there are other great photos like this one and a local take on the neighborhood.

Thanks Mike....

And don't forget to join us in celebration of Ecstasy at the opening reception:

February 26, 2010
Patricia’s Green
at Octavia and Hayes Streets
San Francisco, CA
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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photos: Michael Strickland

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Installing "Ecstasy"

Crimson said "The head of the sculpture is wrapped in a bag to keep the chains from tangling. When the bag was removed the people watching the install cheered."
photos: Crimson Rose

photos: Michael Mac Millan

We stopped by to see the artists installing Ecstasy at Patricia's Green. Crimson Rose, Board Member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation and Michael Mac Millan, one of the Hayes Valley neighbors were there taking photos that we wanted to share with you. We are pretty excited to see this amazing sculpture come to San Francisco.

Join us in celebration of Ecstasy at the opening reception:

February 26, 2010
Patricia’s Green
at Octavia and Hayes Streets
San Francisco, CA
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Dave Schumaker’s Post

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"Ecstasy" by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is proud to support the installation of Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito's sculpture Ecstasy at Patricia’s Green in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. This hopeful, figurative work will be on display, free to the public, from February 7, 2010 till June 18, 2010.

First displayed at the Burning Man festival in Nevada in 2008, Ecstasy is one of the eight monumental metal figures of the artists’ masterpiece, Crude Awakening. In Crude Awakening, these eight figures surrounded a 99-foot tall wooden oil derrick in gestures of prostration, worship and exaltation. Alone, Ecstasy embarks on a hopeful journey. Instead of throwing her head back in reverie to the oil derrick, she gazes wistfully into the open sky as she steps forward into an optimistic future, free of dependency on fossil fuel.

Through our Civic Arts Program, BRAF is pleased to further the evolution of this artwork’s message by exposing it to a new audience and community, and to return to the site of Patricia’s Green. In 2005, this location became the site of BRAF’s first public art project.

Working closely with the residents and business owners of the Hayes Valley neighborhood, BRAF established a model of community collaboration towards the curation and installation of public art. These community members continued to work on bringing art into their neighborhood, forming the Hayes Valley Art Coalition. The installation of Ecstasy at Patricia’s Green further affirms the success of this collaboration, and of the model of public, temporary art installation.

Join us in celebration of Ecstasy at the opening reception:

February 26, 2010
Patricia’s Green
at Octavia and Hayes Streets
San Francisco, CA
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Prior posts about Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito

photo: Gary Wilson

Sunday, February 07, 2010

San Francisco Decompression 2009

We came across this photo the other day and we were so charmed that we thought we would take this opportunity to say "Thank you!" once again to the generous benefactors who shared the proceeds from their fabulous wares at San Francisco Decompression, with the Black Rock Arts Foundation:

- Skewed Catering - $1761.30!
- Chef Fried Dough of Custards Cajun Queen & Playa Beignets - $1800!

photo: Rainbow Puddle

Celebrate Valentine's Day with BRAF!

Come party with us at Eat Your heART Out! Bring your beloved, bring your kids, bring your Mom and Dad, we want to meet them all! Come celebrate love and art with us!

We always have fun, don't we? This is Pilar Woodman, a fabulous photographer at the ARTumnal, our most recent fabulous event!

We are very excited and looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming Valentine's Day Eat Your heART Out brunch. Whether you are flying solo, duo or want to spend the day with a group of friends and family, come brunch with us! Many super special people are coming from far and wide to attend.

Celebrate your love for art with BRAF with a sumptuous Valentine's Day brunch in bed, mimosas and bloody marys, fresh brewed coffee by Ritual Coffee Roasters, and LOVEly surprises!

Sunday, February 14, 2010
supperclub sf 657 Harrison Street
11am to 3pm
All-ages; everyone is welcome!

- $0 Children under 5

- $25 Children between 5 and 11 years old

- $75 Adult ticket for Brunch only with cash bar (no reserved seating
- bed seating first come first serve)

- $100 Adult ticket for Brunch with bottomless mimosas/marys at the
bar (no reserved seating - bed seating first come first serve)

- $150 Benefactor Brunch ticket (includes reserved bed seating in your
name at a premium bed location and bottomless mimosas/marys served at
your bed)


Treat yourself and those you love to a sumptuous Valentine's Day brunch in bed, including fresh fruit salad, interactive omelet and sweet/savory crepe station, croissants, artisan breads, jam and marmalade, cold cuts, fresh brewed coffee station by Ritual CoffeeRoasters, and LOVEly surprises. Wear your jammies or dress to the nines, we have had other events at the Supperclub and we have had a great time.

Enjoy interactive art, music, performances and soaring aerial heARTistry by:

Bad Unkl Sista
Diva Marisa Lenhardt
Kramer (Deep End)
Michael Anthony & the Late Nite Sneaky
Secret Valentine
Smoove (Newsbreakz)
Tamo (Angels of bAss, Space Cowboys)
And more!

+ Visit the Queen of heARTs and make-yer-own Valentine in the DIY heART gallery. And tell Cupid what to do with his arrows.

+ Interactive photography by PhotoBOOF!

All proceeds help bring interactive art to public places across the globe. So, go ahead! Eat your heART out! ...and feed your soul!

artwork: jennybird
photos: CameraGirl
video: Mr Wa