Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tree Spire Dedication in Reno

Check out the City of Reno Video, it is fabulous!

Tree Spire Dedication - Thursday December 10, 2009

A snowy winter day in Reno, the sun was shining and it was a perfect moment.

Positive remarks were given by: Councilman Dave Aiazzi, Arts & Culture Commission Chair John Shelton and City of Reno's Director of Parks, Recreation & Community Services, Julee Conway. The Mayor Robert Cashell was scheduled to appear but was consumed with meetings. These three officials really had great things to say about BRAF and the good work that we are doing with the art, it was a love fest. I spoke and thanked them all for their creative support and BRAF looks forward to creating more art with the City of Reno. When I was done speaking I started to walk away when Dave Aiazzi said they were not done. I was presented with a glass
plaque awarded to BRAF from the City of Reno, which states . . .

"Presented to Black Rock Arts Foundation, In Appreciation for your
Creative Work and Outstanding Contribution on Tree Spire for the City of Reno Public Art program"

Others present at the Dedication were: Christine Fey, Stacey Spain, Maria Partridge, Richard Johnson, Sue Vaughan, staff from Park & Recreation and many other burners.

And then there was a Thank You Party for the Artists and Crew of the Celtic Forest & Tree Spire. The 21st Amendment has been so supportive so we chose to party there and we had munchies and drinks for a crowd of 20 - 30. Jonboy from Fernley Electric, Dave Aiazzi, Barry Scott welder for Tree Spire as well as a majority of burners showed up to celebrate and raise a glass.

Another Surprise happened when the Mayor Robert Cashell showed up, shook my hand and apologized several times that he was sorry that he missed the dedication. The love fest just keeps coming.

Crimson Rose
Fire Goddess by Night
Art Director by Day

Photos of the dedication can be found at this link

photos: Larry DeVincenzi

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please join us for the dedication of Tree Spire, k DSC_0502 As the sun was setting on this beautiful Reno fall day Tree Spire ends its installationa permanent installation, on Thursday, December 10th at 12:30 pm.

A gift to the families and citizens that enjoy Whitaker Park!

Funded by Burning Man and exhibited in Black Rock City 2007, “Tree Spire” was the first project created by the Seattle art collective, the Iron Monkeys. They created 4 fifteen-foot tall trees that were part of the "Mangrove", a group of simulated trees fashioned from recycled industrial materials, surrounding the center-focused icon The Man. These artificial trees were not burned: they survived to subdivide the blue of other skies.

M DSC_0532 Tabasco, T-Bone, Dave Moore, Maria Partridge, Richard Johnson, Crimson Rose and Stacey Spain Brought to the south bank of the Truckee River in downtown Reno, on the corner of Sierra Street and Island Avenue after the 2008 Burning Man event, the “Tree Spire” was displayed in the center of a collection of eight tree sculptures made by five different artist collectives called The Mangrove. The creative works were made from construction waste and reclaimed materials. The [BRAF] and a Project Grant from the City of Reno’s Art and Culture Commission funded this project.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation was awarded a Public Art Challenge Grant in 2008 towards the permanent installation of “Tree Spire” in a city park. That grant was matched by donations from Ward 5, Old Northwest Neighborhood Advisory Board, and City Councilman David Aiazzi to place the sculpture in Whitaker Park. Additional funding came from The Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation, Reno Burners LLC, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation.

The Black Rock Arts Foundation thanks the following people, businesses and organizations for their generous support of Tree Spire:

  • City of Reno: Christine Fey, Stacey Spain, Councilman David Aiazzi, City
    of Reno Parks & Recreation
  • Black Rock Arts Foundation: Crimson Rose, Maria Partridge

  • Reno Volunteers: Richard Johnson, Bill Schultz, Erika Wesnousky, Dave Kaul, Berry Scott

  • Ward 5, Old Northwest Neighborhood Advisory Board

  • Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation

  • Reno Burners LLC

  • Fernley Electric

  • Ahearn Equipment, Inc.

  • Clean Energy Center

  • Telesto Nevada Inc.

  • United Ready Mix

  • Black Rock City, LLC – Burning Man

AND to the Artists that made it happen: Tabasco Mills, T-Bone, Dave and the Iron Monkeys!

The Iron Monkeys are a Seattle-based metalworking collective, working under the gentle guidance and watchful eye of Tabasco Mills, owner of Seattle's The Blacksmith Shop www.theblacksmithshop.com/ironmonkeys.html .

h1 DSC_0564 bench set into place They work together creating large-scale sculptural pieces, often containing functional elements, and work collaboratively to evolve designs as each work is being developed. Their work has been on display temporarily in Black Rock City at the Burning Man event, Reno Mangrove, Burien Interim Arts Space, and permanently at Rainier Vista's Central Park in South Seattle, Washington and now in Whitaker Park, in northwest Reno, Nevada.

For more information on other activities of the Black Rock Arts Foundation - http://www.blackrockarts.org/

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ARTumnal Gathering

Originally uploaded by jackie cat eye
Mark Morford and Pilar Woodman

ARTumnal Gathering "Pilar Woodman"

Lightning, Amber & Chris Bently (a special thanks for the Bently's generosity is donating the use of the wonderful Bently Reserve for the ARTumnal Gathering)

Feast of Imagination Pendants created by JennyBird Alcantara

Feast of Imagination dinner

photos: Pilar Woodman
To see a lot more of Pilar’s ARTumnal photos check out http://pilarwoodmanphotography.com/artumnal09

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rouge la Belle

Rouge la Belle
Originally uploaded by Eric Gillet
ARTumnal Gathering 2009

ARTumnal Gathering 2009

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at the fabulous Bently Reserve

ARTumnal Gathering 2009

Originally uploaded by jackie cat eye
Freddy Hahne, President of the BRAF Board of Directors

BRAF Artumnal 2009

BRAF Artumnal
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ARTumanal Gathering 2009

Originally uploaded by deemiloh

Shrine painting live at Artumnal Gathering

ARTumnal Gathering "video"

Check out this fabulous video about the ARTumnal and the Black Rock Arts Foundation:

Untitled from rajeshwari on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ARTumnal Gathering Photos #3

David Best, BRAF Board Member and Harley Dubois, founding member of the Burning Man board and the Black Rock Arts Foundation, raising money for the Black Rock Arts Foundation
photos: D'Milo aka deemiloh

photos: Robin Russell Ford

affinity, your BRAF blogger
Exact Lee aka Joe Olivier, BRAF Board Member

Troubador aka Flaming Tuba Guy aka David Silverman, BRAF Advisory Board Member, with one of the Trees
photos: Timothy Foster

ARTumnal Gathering "The Blight"

These were each so beautiful it was difficult to choose!

Monday, November 23, 2009

ARTumnal Gathering Photos #1

The Black Rock Arts Foundation created the grandest annual celebration of our ommunity's vital spirit and extraordinary artists. We gathered in the majestic Bently Reserve to revel in support of BRAF's mission to inspire art, community and civic participation worldwide.

It was an enchanted world of abundant art, captivating entertainment, participatory interactive art experiences created by community visionaries and tempting libations.

Over the next week we will be bringing you a variety of photographers, from mobile uploads to professional photographers, with a link to more of their photos. So keep checking back, the next photo could be of you.

Mara Jeffress and Rachel Carpenter, BRAF Board Member
Laura Kimpton, obviously having a great time
Chris Paine, Brian Herman, Melissa Alexander and Dr. Deb (both BRAF Advisory Board Members)
Photos: Rachel Carpenter

Rachel Carpenter’s Facebook ARTumnal Photos