Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Elemental Interactions - Fire

The Black Rock Arts Foundation's first evening of their lecture series, Elemental Interactions - FIRE - was an exploration of the physics of fire and its and history as a performative medium.

The event featured these exciting guests:
Hosted by Crimson Rose, Administrative Director and Pyrotechnic Performance Director for Burning Man and BRAF Board Member.

• Members of the Flaming Lotus Girls, 2007 BRAF grantees, told us about recent performances in Amsterdam and future plans.

• Special guest Dr. Paul Doherty, a physicist from the San Francisco Exploratorium explained and demonstrated aspects of the physics and chemistry of fire.

• Acclaimed performer Vatra Amadzich illuminated us on the history of fire dancing and performed for the audience.

It was a fabulous evening, smart, entertaining, educational and best of all, FUN! We had a lot of kids facinated, as we all were, by the combination of fire and art.

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- affinity

photo: Nick Morgan

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