Monday, June 22, 2009

Installing Celtic Forest & The Book

Jeff Schomberg, artist and Crew boss - photo: Maria Partridge
Tray..the Fire Marshall approving the pipes...that will bring the propane to the art so it will be ON FIRE! photo: Maria Partridge

Installing the Book! photo: Maria Partridge

Working on the Centaur - Photo: Crimson Rose

Celtic Forest Installation Crew - photo: Crimson Rose

These are a few photos from the Installation of Celtic Forest: Book of the Raven in Reno Nevada last week. The opening reception is this Friday, read more about it here:

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affinity said...

Maria Partridge, who is making things happen in Reno reports "Average, non-Burner...Renoites coming by and saying...oh I remember the last one (installation)...this is so great that you guys are doing this...This is
amazing....makes it all worth the blood sweat and tears!"