Friday, May 14, 2010

Installing "Duel Nature" in Reno

Duel Nature has arrived in Reno, Nevada
photos: Maria Partridge
X marks the spot, Duel Nature will be installed here at the corner of Sierra St. and Island Ave. in Reno, NV.
photo: Crimson Rose

Previously exhibited at Burning Man in 2006, Duel Nature, by artist Kate Raudenbush, is unique in its materials, (Plasma cut steel, steel tubing, red acrylic mirror) scale (38’ x 38’) and artistic vision. During Artown - Fire dancers and spinners from Controlled Burn will entertain Tuesday evenings 8:00 – 10:00. Hula Hoopers from Velocity Movement and bohohoops present "GET HOOPED" at Hoop Jams on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 - all levels and ages are welcome. Hula hoops provided or bring your own!.

Join us in celebration of Duel Nature at the opening celebration:

May 21, 2010
5 pm
Corner of Sierra St. and Island Ave. Reno, NV
Wine & Appetizers: Sierra Arts Foundation Gallery
and then along the RiverWalk

Hula Hoop Jam from 5-8,
followed by Fire Spinning by Controlled Burn
Music by DJSource

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affinity said...

Disclaimer......Controlled Burn will be performing on Friday May 21st but will not be performing at Duel Nature on Tuesdays until July. The only Tuesday performances will be in JULY not May or June. For more information go to