Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Rocket Stop Fundraiser

Friends of the Black Rock Arts Foundation put on a fundraiser last week at Engineered Artworks. We have told you that we are bringing the Raygun Gothic Rocketship to Pier 14 on the Embarcadero in San Franciso, it will be known as the Rocket Stop. Thanks to the generosity of Chad Lester (the organizer of the fundraiser), Steve Schimmel and April Buchheit for hosting this event and to the artists Nathaniel Taylor, Sean Orlando, David Shulman and Alan Rorie for letting us visit the Rocketship. We had a great time. Chad Lester, Drea Lester, Paul Buchheit, April Buchheit, Jennifer Schimmel, Steve Schimmel
David Shulman, Tomas McCabe and Sean Orlando April and Paul Buchheit Steve, April, Jennifer and Paul enjoying the rocketship Doug Edwards, his son Nathaniel and his friend Olivia Drea and Chad Lester Barry Kendall, Sean Orlando, Alan Rorie and Mirit Cohen Peter Norvig, Alan Rorie and Mirit Cohen Tomas McCabe, Sean Orlando, Steven Raspa, Nathaniel Taylor and Crimson Rose David Shulman and Alix Rosenthal
Keith and Katie Randall
Loren and Rachel Carpenter
April Buchheit looking like a Flash Gordon Girl
Sunny and Nathaniel Taylor

This project commenced on the Playa in Black Rock City in 2009 and is evolving. It is a compelling and fascinating concept that will continue to amaze people as they encounter it. If you are amazed and intrigued, please support the Raygun Gothic Rocket Ship project with a tax deductible contribution.

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Are We Really? said...

Thank you all for supporting this Black Rock Arts Foundation project. There is a lot of brain cells in those photos. Many of the donors are early Google engineers. Peter Norvig is a real Rocket Scientist. He created the software that lands the Space Shuttle and the Lunar Modules. He is now Chief of Research at Google having left his previous job as Chief of Research at NASA. Loren Carpenter has an Academy Award in Motion Picture Science having created how to make movies digitally. He is the Cheif Scientist at Pixar, and a BRAF Adivsory Board Member. There are lawyers, artists, and a real anthropologist in the photo - Rachel Carpenter, BRAF board member. Thank you all again for supporting the Raygun Gothic Rocket Ship installation at Pier 14.

~Freddy Hahne
President of the Board
Black Rock Arts Foundation

dining table said...

I enjoy all happenings in that very amazing event. I wish there is going to be a Rock Arts Foundation project next year. I am going to attend in that event for sure.