Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ArtPadSF - A Benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation

Dr. Deb, BRAF Advisory Board
Alix Rosenthal, BRAF Board Secretary

Eli Peterson, BRAF Office Manager and Administrative Assistant

Tomas McCabe, BRAF Executive Director

Laura Kimpton, BRAF Artist and friend

Laura's work for her new show, Flying Solo

Rae Richman, BRAF Board, Executive Vice President

Josie Schimke, BRAF Program and Development Assistant

Affinity your BRAF blogger, Pete Hudson, BRAF Zoetrope Artist and MonkeyBoy

Hotel Phoenix

Thanks to all the volunteers and performers and models and designers and photographers and DJs and the ArtPadSF team and the staff it took to put this party on. Thank you. And special thanks to the Chip Conley for inviting us to create the Opening Celebration to ArtPadSF.

photos: affinity and Robin Russell

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